A Conversation with Our Moon Education

It was a delight to talk with Helen Leale-Green and learn a bit about the work she is doing with students in Zambia.

It is an honor for us to be able to support students and organizations from the HALI Access Network. We are excited that these student stories are being told to hundreds of admissions officers!

NACAC 2022

What a great few days in Houston!

Ever wonder how our booth gets built?

We love putting in the effort to build a space perfect for organic conversations with admissions officers and counselors.

It was great connecting with colleagues in the industry to talk about how we can ensure that students' authentic stories are being told and presented to those who can give opportunity!

See you next year in Baltimore!

International ACAC 2022 - Forward Together

What a delight it was to reconnect with colleagues in the industry after a long hiatus from conferences! We had such a great time catching up through meaningful conversations, intentional sessions, and much fun.

We also had the honor of sponsoring the 5K/3K once again this year. Congratulations to the 5K winners who beat Terry!! Thanks to Dean Mendes’ suggestion, we decided if Terry was in the top 5, we would donate $200 per person who beat him to the International ACAC Global Fund*, so we rounded it up to a $1000 donation. It's always a pleasure to be able to sponsor activities that promote health and support scholars!

*The International ACAC Global Fund represents the Association’s commitment to providing resources and supporting opportunities for its members. Building upon the established excellence and history of the Scholar Program, the Global Fund will extend financially-supported programming to all members, across all levels of the organization.

The Global Fund consists of three pillars of support.

The Scholar Program – The cornerstone of the Global Fund, the Association’s first priority is to support a minimum of 12 high school counseling professionals, working with underrepresented populations, who would not otherwise be able to attend the annual Conference.

Conference Bursaries – Each year, funds raised through Global Fund initiatives will be set aside for university, high school, and independent educational consultant members to apply for and receive financial support to attend the Annual Conference. This may come in the form of travel grants or funds to offset registration and lodging costs.

Opportunity Grants – Modeled after NACAC’s Imagine Grants, members of International ACAC are invited to apply for funding to support ideas and initiatives in their communities that support student access to higher education in their home country or abroad. All members are invited to consider how their next great idea can be supported by the Global Fund.

Congratulations to our 2022 Tuesday Talk Scholarship Winners!

Thank you to all of you who have been faithfully attending our Tuesday Talks! Thanks to an anonymous donor, we were able to start off this spring's Tuesday Talk season with three $1000 scholarship giveaways. A hearty congratulations to Kaiqi from Hefei No.8 High School, Adishree from Victoria Junior College, and Chea-Ler from Concordia International School!

Keep looking for Mr. View during the Tuesday Talk! We might be giving out other prizes throughout the season!

Kind Words from KenSAP

We recently had the pleasure of catching up with Alan Davidson from KenSAP and hear about the success their scholars have had! It's been a delight and honor to support students from Kenya and other parts of Africa as they provide additional context and tell their stories.