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Announcing the Launch of Our Calendar Sign-up System

After months of testing during the early admissions wave, we are pleased to now formally announce the launch of our calendar sign-up system.

Our custom-designed sign-up system furthers our goal of making it as easy as possible for students to schedule and reserve an interview with us. By looking at our calendar students can quickly see open time slots for the city of their choice and then pick the time that works best for them. It also allows us to better handle the inevitable mad rush right before deadlines, as we can see the demand in advance and then add additional times as needed. Finally, we are most proud of the fact that students are able to pay online when they reserve their times, ensuring that they don’t have to spend additional time going to the bank to wire money.

While our technology and infrastructure requires some initial investment and effort, we believe that it is critical to make the process as straightforward as possible. Not only is it more convenient for the students, we are also able to offer more functionality at a very reasonable price.

Just how reasonable? This article in Inside Higher Ed lays it out pretty clearly (except that our value is even greater since there’s no limit on the number of schools to which we will provide the interviews). When one considers the both the value to the student and the value to the decision-maker of our proprietary interview platform, we think the choice becomes even clearer.