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Conversations in the Time of Coronavirus

Like many of you, we wake up each morning and right away check the news for updates about the coronavirus. All of us at InitialView are working from “home” (wherever that may be at the moment), and after perusing the news we then check the InitialView schedule to determine where to focus our efforts for the day.

At InitialView, most of us are “stranded” somewhere. Some are stranded outside of China, and we are not able to return back to what we consider our home. Others are stranded in China, and they are the ones who are most in our thoughts and prayers. On a positive note, we are able to run our operations remotely, and that is something for which all of us are thankful.
Most importantly, we are thankful because all of us are well. In a time of uncertainty, we continue to derive great satisfaction from serving students and parents who have not given up on dreams of studying abroad. We continue to enjoy working with admission officers who move forward in faith that at some point soon international admissions will return to normal.

For the time being, the “conversation” continues online. For any question or concern, you can always connect with us by emailing or calling any of the following numbers:

Within China: (010) 82863889, 13691351641, 13810269930
Outside of China: +86.10.8286.3889, +1.617.500.8439 (If you would like to email us your phone number we can call you as well)

Interestingly, multiple individuals at InitialView were in Beijing during SARS. Those of us optimistically recall how quickly the global economy bounced back. Without minimizing the tragedies and heartbreak, for many of you the coronavirus will become part of your story that you tell others. Conversations are what drive us at InitialView, and we are all hopeful that the conversations that currently happen across an internet connection will soon be happening in person.