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Apply to U.S. colleges/universities with your CSAT (Suneung) scores!

We are excited to announce that more universities are excited to use CSAT (Suneung) scores in their admissions process!

The colleges/universities who will be accepting the CSAT and the InitialView interview for admissions include: Allegheny College, DePauw University, Dickinson College, Earlham College, Mount Holyoke College, Muhlenberg College, Ohio Wesleyan University, Otis College of Art and Design, Rhodes College, Rochester Institute of Technology, Skidmore College, Trinity College, The College of Wooster, Union College, the University of La Verne, and the University of Oregon!

In order to be considered by each of the sixteen schools, students only need to provide their CSAT scores to Uway and participate in an InitialView Interview and writing sample. Once they have completed their interview with InitialView, the universities will respond in approximately five business days. Importantly, students will not have to provide other materials in order to be evaluated for admission.

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