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Elevator Pitch for College Access

Today we are pleased to announce that we are teaming up with three community-based organizations to launch a U.S. domestic-focused admissions tool, one that builds upon what we have learned serving admission officers and international students for the past 7+ cycles while also preserving college access at its core.

We’re calling it the Elevator Pitch, and it consists of a chance to upload a 90-second video, combined with the two virtual stars that have proved to be so popular in international admissions. Three CBOs have signed on to be a part of the launch (ScholarMatch, Evanston Scholars and Boston HERC), and we welcome others to come and join us.

The price is a reasonable one-time fee of $22, but fee waivers are broadly offered as well. Most uniquely, 50% of the revenue from the Elevator Pitch is distributed back to participating CBOs.