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EPIC = Elevator Pitch Recruiting Platform

Connect in a new way with admissions officers from colleges all over the country on EPIC!

EPIC is a place where you can easily record an informal 90-second introduction video (your “Elevator Pitch”) and then send it to admissions officers. In some ways, it’s like a virtual college fair, but you can be more intentional about the message you send.

Check out the list of participating colleges here: There are probably a few you are already interested in!

When you send admissions officers your video, the EPIC platform lets you show a little extra love by giving them a “high five”. Admissions officers love it when you show interest!

There are also surprise awards for the first 1000 seniors who use it (prizes that may or may not resemble a gift card), but certainly the greatest prize is learning about the admissions process and understanding your options. COVID-19 has presented big challenges, and yet there are still resources and opportunities for those who go looking for them.

Check it out at The deadline is September 30th!