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Tne InitialView Global Job Platform Announced at the AmCham China 2018 Technology and Innovation Summit

Today, in partnership with the American Chamber of Commerce in China, we announced the InitialView Global Job Platform with the goal of connecting the thousands of students who pass through our interview platform each year with employment opportunities in their home country.

This has been a request for a while. Every year we have students email us about employment opportunities in China, and we have observed for several cycles that it's often challenging for international students to make connections with employers in their home country.

The “GloJo” platform has some unique features: for example, students have only three “darts” that they can use to apply to only three opportunities at a time. Companies must respond within seven days; otherwise they lose the opportunity to connect. When a company responds, regardless of whether it is a yes or a no, the student gets their dart back and can continue their search.

Students get a process for applying for a job, and companies get a pipeline of qualified applicants. Here’s a quick video:

(If you are not able to watch the above video on Youtube, please try YOUKU)

We’re teaming up with the career services and China-focused student groups of each of the universities below in order to hold launch events at each. While we already have a great group of companies participating, if additional organizations want to participate in the fall they need to aim to get us their JDs before October 12th.

University of Virginia (10/29)
Georgia Tech (10/30)
Vanderbilt University (11/1)
Northwestern University (11/5)
University of Chicago (11/5)
UC Berkeley (11/6)

We look forward to again supporting the students we know well while also supporting our higher ed clients as they look to increase the ways their students can take advantage of their diploma back in their home countries.