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Introducing Periscope

We're excited to announce Periscope, our new high school search tool!

We are often asked by counselors and parents for information about how students in their area use our interviews. After months of work collecting (and cleaning up!) the data, we are able to open this high school search database to all our users.

In addition to learning general usage patterns at your high school and its surrounding area, in many cases your high school will be accompanied by a video testimonial from a student who is a former classmate.

While not exhaustive by any means, we do have thousands of high schools from all over the world in our database, including high schools in China, India, South Korea, and North America. Every year we have a long list of new high schools to add, so if we don’t have your high school now we’ll likely add it in the near future.

If you are a counselor, reach out to us if you would like to know specific usage numbers for your school. And, you should definitely make use of the free tools we offer, tools that counselors all over the world are already using to help their students succeed.

Check out!