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IV and ESL Programs

We are always finding out new ways that schools can take advantage of our platform in China. In addition to the obvious advantages—providing an authentic view of an applicant, addressing fraud concerns and confirming English ability—we’ve been pleased to find that some schools with ESL programs see our interviews as an effective (and painless) way to measure students’ ability even before they arrive on campus.

Given that each of these competitive ESL programs has more applicants than spots, these programs are interested in getting the best candidates in the most effective way possible. They want to admit students who are going to succeed and eventually take courses with traditional students (after all, a student who can demonstrate enthusiasm for overseas studies in an interview is more likely to endure the challenges of learning a new language in a foreign country). Furthermore, with our interviews, these ESL programs are able to prepare in advance for classes and instructors, thereby saving precious time and resources.

In other words, we continue to benefit from the input of our clients, and we are excited to see all of the ways that we can make their lives easier.