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Professor Al Roth Joins InitialView as Advisor

Today we are pleased to announce the addition of a new advisor to the InitialView team: Professor Al Roth.

We first learned of Professor Roth upon reading an op-ed in the New York Times where he mentioned an idea for improving the admission process. Professor Roth, a professor in the economics department at Stanford, focuses part of his research on “matching markets”, otherwise known as markets where exchange doesn’t primarily depend upon price.

Professor Roth’s research has touched millions of people. If your kids are in the Boston or NYC public school system, they are matched to schools using an algorithm developed by Professor Roth. If you were a doctor, you were assigned to your residency program using another matching algorithm produced by Professor Roth. If you or someone you love was saved by a kidney transplant, they were likely impacted by a transplant arrangement pioneered by Professor Roth.

Professor Roth won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2012 for his work with matching markets.

As it so happens, InitialView operates in another large matching market: selective college, graduate and boarding school admissions. We are thrilled that Professor Roth has joined our team, and we are already thankful for how we are benefitting from his insight.