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Quality Assurance at InitialView

“When I left MIT undergrad admissions, I told my friend that there was only one place I wanted to work: InitialView. I had used their interviews as an admission officer, and I felt they were the only ones trying to improve international admissions for everyone.” -- Jungrok King, Quality Assurance Manager at InitialView

We know that the challenge of growth is maintaining consistent interview quality. In response, we continue to make interview quality the primary focus of our day-to-day operations. Our global team of interviewers is headed up by Natalie Keyes and Jungrok King. Through a combination of self-developed training materials and bespoke software systems, tens of thousands of interviews are able to pass through our system. Our global team of interviewers go through standardized training to understand our unique way of interviews, the background of the students, and the purpose they serve in helping admission officers understand critical communication skills while letting students tell their stories. Each interviewer receives individual feedback on numerous mock interviews that they complete as part of their training. Every interview after it is completed is reviewed by a member of the quality assurance team in order to ensure it is consistent with our standards and goals.

Natalie mentioned: “The challenge and joy of working with our team of interviewers each year is seeing how our growth can be a catalyst to improve. When we stop and take stock of what we are doing we are often surprised to see ourselves operating on a scale that would have been difficult to imagine even a few cycles previous.”

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