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Middlebury's Competitive Edge

Last week we had the pleasure of interviewing students from Middlebury College’s Chinese language program in Beijing. Readers of this blog are no doubt aware of the prominent role that Middlebury has played in foreign language instruction, and its summer and academic year immersion programs are enjoyed by thousands of students every year on every continent other than Antarctica.

Middlebury came to us with the hope that our unscripted interview—conducted in Chinese with one of our interviewers, recorded and then uploaded to our platform—would provide its students with a credible way to demonstrate their language ability to potential employers all over the world. With more and more students looking for internship and full-time employment opportunities in Asia, Middlebury’s focus on expanding employment opportunities is timely (the New York Times just ran an article examining how many westerners are looking for jobs and internship opportunities in China). With our interviews, students are able to answer upfront a threshold question that employers have: when the resume indicates that they have good Chinese, what does that really mean?

The students received a link to each interview which they may distribute as they see fit. We’re excited about how our interviews can ensure that Middlebury’s students—and by extension Middlebury’s language programs—get the recognition they deserve.

Here’s one of the videos (included here with permission).